LIONS ROAD, Northern NSW – One of Australia’s Great Scenic Roads

13 Apr

Yes a beautiful road to travel like have been traveling this road for many years . However my wife hates it she keeps saying things like one of us should watch the road , she means me as I am normally the driver. She has no sense of humor…

Lions Australia CEO

TAKING a road trip in Australia can be totally liberating and you never know what you might see – from kangaroos to rainforest, lighthouses and incredible sunsets. The Carsguide team from NEWS.COM.AU show you one of the best on offer.
I thought followers of the blog would enjoy reading a bit more of the history of the Lions Road in Northern NSW.  This effort shows what a great commitment the Lions Club had and still have to this region.  Enjoy the story from CarsGuide.

Lions Road

Long before State of Origin footy clashes between NSW and Queensland erupted, there was a clash of governments at the border that has yielded one of the greatest drives in Australia.

In 1969, the NSW government rejected calls for a shortcut to link the communities of Kyogle in northern NSW and Rathdowney in southern Queensland.

That’s when the Kyogle and Beaudesert Lions clubs stepped in and decided…

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My First Blog – Why ?

12 Apr

This is my first attempt at writing a blog, so why start this anyway, what could it possibly good for?  What could others get out of my ramblings, what wisdom could I pass on to others in the wide world? I am far from a literary giant far from it in fact, with a fail in English after my 12 years of schooling this should quite hard for me to do. But it has been over 26 years since then, I have tried to improve myself by taking on new challenges and to learn new skills and embracing new technology. It is more about me, wanting to learn more about myself and what I can give to others. It is about me pushing myself to improve my skills and get out of my comfort zone, challenging myself to improve a skill I know I’m lacking in.

As you may know the term Blog according to Wikipedia is “A blog (a portmanteau of the term web log)[1] is a discussion or informational site published on the World Wide Web and consisting of discrete entries (“posts”) typically displayed in reverse chronological order (the most recent post appears first).” This is a short answer, but a blog can be a whole lot more.

It can be a picture it to the mind or heart of the author, not all of us can write and sing songs like Bob Dylan and get our message out to the world through music. We don’t all have the media  presence of Rupert Murdock who can influence us with the power of his global media empire.

English: Bob Dylan performing in Rotterdam, Ju...

English: Bob Dylan performing in Rotterdam, June 23 1978 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

However we have this tool of blogging we can share our thoughts with the outside world. With the reach of internet and we have the opportunity to have our message heard not only within our small social group but with the larger community and in fact most people in world. This is an opportunity for us all to make a difference or at least feel like we have. We can add to the conversation, we have the power that up until recently that was afforded only to a select few through the media. Now we all can be media commentators.

The focus of this Blog will be the Lions Club’s and the men and women who make them up. In future posts I will try to write about my observations of the world around me and what I and other Lions are doing within their Lions Club’s and within the wider association of Lions Clubs International. This will not only focus on the on the work we do for others but how Lions can help themselves to excel and grow through taking part in learning from each other.

Lion Rodney